Hello hello!

Welp. I’m back in Denver, and less than a week away from another bundle of classes (I’m kind of tipping back and forth between excited and terrified because all the shiny new knowledge! But also so many assignments…). Hopefully once I get into the rhythm I can attack the rest of Henry’s story with a vengeance (an appropriate term to use for his story, but more on that later… 😉 ). I’m over half-way through and I’m SO excited for what comes next! It’s so much fun, guys…Henry may steal first place for my favorite character to write and know (if he hasn’t already…I’ll have to think about that one). His story has also gained a depth I didn’t know I was capable of writing, encouraging me and teaching me more about my style and purpose as an author. So much fun!

Now that I’m back to a strict schedule (crazy strict. I can hardly bear to look at my calendar strict.) I’m gonna try to get back to my regular, every other week post schedule. I certainly have a lot to write about, so that helps. Also, if any of you have questions about any of my books, worlds, characters, or even my writing process, I’m happy to answer them! There are a lot of posts I could do if people are interested in reading them.

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I wish my textbooks looked this cool…

Alright, short post but I should probably go. I have more syllabi to print, assignments to write down, and a really good book I may or may not be half-way through… 😉 Have an awesome rest of your week, guys! And for those getting ready for school: good luck!