Midnight’s Wings has been launched! (It’s actually been out for about ten days, making this post a bit overdue, but life is never as simple as I plan). Also a note: to anyone who tried to order the paperback in the first few days, I apologize for the trouble…KDP was fighting us over some formatting stuff. But we prevailed in the end, and the paperback is now available! Click HERE to buy Midnight’s Wings on Amazon!

Oh man…guys, I can’t even tell you how glad I am to have this book finished and out for everyone to read! Three years. That’s how much time passed between the release of Dragon’s Flight and Midnight’s Wings. Three years, and two and a half novels (the half novel you haven’t heard of…I ended up spending a few months writing and then decided that the entire book needs to be rewritten. Go figure. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to share it…).

Writing Midnight’s Wings has been a lesson in perseverance for sure (and it’s taught me not to end a book in a cliffhanger unless the sequel’s already written!). It’s also taught me that stories worth telling, even stories I love, aren’t always the easiest to write. But they’re worth it, oh so worth it! And even as I apologize all over myself for the extended delay, I don’t regret the time spent. The time in between resulted in Stone Heart, Frosted Fire, and too much growth as a writer to explain in a single post (though at some point I will probably rant about it in my overly-dramatic way 😉 ). And now that I’m a bit older, a bit wiser, and have two more books under my belt, I was able to deepen Aderyn’s story and give it the ending it’s worthy of. An ending that I hope you all enjoy!

As with my other books, when it hits 20 reviews I’ll release a free short story! I look at Amazon and Goodreads, mostly, though if you post a review somewhere else let me know and I’ll count it! I’d love an excuse to get back in this world, and reviews are super helpful for authors and readers alike. Alright, there’s my plug for reviews. I’ll be done now…

As far as other news…my summer so far has been a bit crazy (hence the lack of posts) but good. I’m making good progress on Henry’s story (I’ve hit the half-way mark!) but other than that I’ve been busy with other stuff and haven’t had time to work on my other projects. But soon I’ll get back into it! I owe you more faery stories! Also, as a heads up: I’m going to be a bit MIA for the next month or so (I’m working at a Bible camp), but if you have any questions, definitely contact me! I’ll try to check a few times while I’m at camp, and if not I’ll still answer after I’m home. I’ll also try to get a blog post in there somewhere, but if I don’t manage it just know that I haven’t fallen off a cliff, nor has my sanity finally broken from the stories and caffeine combining in my brain (at least I don’t think it has…)

That’s it for now! I hope your summer is going well and your TBR pile is actually being read!