Hello hello!

Welp. This winter is officially the most snow-packed that I can remember. Every weekend it snows again! Every. Single. Weekend. It’s so beautiful, but can’t a winter-weary girl get some kind of relief? I want flowers! And temperatures above zero!

“You have the look of the lost ones…”

Anyway, enough about my weather woes. I have another story for you! Another faery story (set in glorious summer!). This story I actually wrote for my Creative Writing class last summer, but I rewrote it so it’s more developed and connects with the other stories in the series. (If you haven’t read Lost and Found yet, the link to that post is here.) And here’s the link to the new story!

I hope you guys like it! And if you’re wondering about the artwork, each story in this series will have it’s own picture! (there’s also a color version, but I’m saving that to show you later 😉 )This is actually the first time I’ve drawn artwork for my stories, and I’m having a lot of fun with it!

As for updates on writing, I am SO close to finishing Midnight’s Wings that it’s killing me to have to write school papers instead. So close. I’m hoping I can finish it before Spring Break, and this time I think it actually an achievable goal! As long as I can keep ahead with my homework…

Alright, I’ll stop babbling on so you can read the new story! Have a great week guys!