Hello hello!

Just a quick update so you know what’s going on in my super extravagant life (haha, as if). I’m making a lot of progress on Midnight’s Wings (praise the Lord) especially on the weekends. In fact, last Friday alone I began and finished a new chapter (a very fun chapter that I can’t wait to share with you guys!). And the week before that I hit a new record for words written in a day…now it’s 8,000 words!

Image result for book hangover the inability to start a new book
For those of you unfamiliar with this delightful term…

Not all of that was on Midnight’s Wings…about two thirds was on a short story idea that refused to let me think about anything else until it was written. It’s so interesting how I can get a book hangover from my own stories…

Anyway, writing is going well, classes are great, and the wind has a hint of spring in it today. Still no green, which I’m really sad about, but pictures and my go-to spring stories will help me persevere! And spring is almost here, I can feel it! (For those of you about to point out that it’s still January: shhh…just let me live in my delusion). Last night I watched The Secret Garden with some roommates, which has simultaneously helped with my spring mood and made me want to move to an estate in England with huge walled gardens.

This is a short post for me, but hey, maybe you guys will like short for a change 😉 . I have to get back to homework (Observations on a passage in Mark, reading Suetonius’s take on Caesar Augustus, and a map of the Roman Empire to memorize on the side. Ah, college.)

As always, hope you have an awesome week, and hold in there for spring weather!