Hello hello!

Welp. I just realized I missed my usual every-other-week schedule for posting. Sorry about that… all I can say is that end-of-semester brain is a thing. Seriously, I can hardly carry on an intelligent conversation. I’ll be talking with someone, and then my brain decides “we don’t need to understand this” and I’m left standing there with no idea what the person just said. But I can explain to you all of the events following the assassination of Julius Caesar! And recite Greek paradigms! And a bunch of other wonderful things that I’ve been memorizing for finals that are super fascinating but but why can’t my brain remember it all AND manage to interpret plain English? *sigh*

Yeah…end of semester. Pretty crazy: lots of projects due, lots of tests…a LOT of coffee and studying. But! All of this doesn’t mean my days have been bleak and joyless! (If I sound a bit crazed, please just go with it. Most of campus is jussst a little off right now, and I promise I’ll get better when I’ve been home for a few days.) First off, yesterday was my birthday! (yay) I am officially not a teenager anymore, and boy does it feel weird. I don’t think it’s fully set in yet because of the aforementioned studying and finals, but yeah…it is really strange to think that I am now a twenty-something (twenty-nothing, technically, but whatever).

Me with Jerry Jenkins! So much fun…

And secondly, last Friday I got to meet a famous author!!! Jerry Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series, was talking on campus and I got to go! And I got to meet him! It was amazing! In addition to being a prolific author (he’s published over 190 books! Just…wow), Mr. Jenkins coaches young authors in basically everything having to do with writing, and that’s kinda what his talk was on: teaching college students to write well. It was a really amazing talk, and I got a lot out of it. A lot of encouragement, new things to try, just fascinating facts in general… So I got to meet a well-known author AND I gained a whole new set of resources! So exciting!

So that’s been my last couple of weeks… I’m excited to go home and spend Christmas with my family (and have time to actually WRITE), but other than the events above and school not much exciting has happened.

What about you guys? Are you excited for Christmas?