I’m in a very good mood today. My roommate and I were getting stir crazy on campus and decided to go on an adventure that would also allow us to get homework done. As a result, I’m writing this post from the Denver Cat Company, an awesome coffee shop where cats reign! (As if they don’t rule the rest of the world too… 😉 ) This is the first day in over a month that I’ve pet a cat, and I am so happy that this place exists! Fifteen cats, coffee, and writing…hard to think of a better day.

Awkward selfie of me with one of my new friends. He’s so cute!!!

Of course, I’ve accomplished very little in the homework area, but that’s okay. Cats are worth it! Kitties are a great stress remover just in general, and I could always use some of that. And I’ve made progress with more fun projects, like writing! The changed atmosphere helped me work through a scene I’ve been stuck on, which is always a great feeling.

Other than that, there’s not much to report. Classes are crazy but awesome, the last few days have actually felt like fall (YAY!), and I’m still writing as much as I can while actually finishing my homework.

Okay. I’m going to get back to writing I mean very necessary homework that I am most definitely accomplishing… *nervous laughter* ANYway, hope all of you are enjoying the first weeks of fall and the (hopefully) cooler weather. Now go hug a cat! (Or a dog…dogs are awesome too!)