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Hello hello!

I was thinking of what to write this week, and I realized I haven’t talked about what’s going on with current projects for a while. So…here we go! Update on the wondrous, fabulous, adventurous life of….are you laughing yet? No? Okay. *clears throat*

I’m back in Colorado about to begin my…fourth week of Sophomore year. Goodness, I hadn’t realized I’ve been back that long. Anyway, I’m getting in the hang of my new classes and my homework load. I’m taking some really awesome classes this year that I can’t wait to apply to my writing. Ancient Mediterranean World, for one. Man the Greeks were weird! But no one can deny that richness and expanse of their culture is amazing, and this class is teaching me a lot about human nature and how cultures grow and change. And there are so many cool random facts! SO much fun. I’m also taking my first semester of Koine Greek (γραφω means I write! Hehe) which is really hard but also really amazing. And Intro to American Politics, while admittedly not my favorite subject, will be super useful for continued world building. I’m also taking Interpreting the Bible and Philosophical Inquiry, which are really amazing and will help my writing in more subtle ways.

Now that I’ve given you a rather drawn out summary of what’s going on with my school, on to writing! I’m about two thirds through Midnight’s Wings. I may be further than that, but you all have probably realized by now how terrible I am with estimations. I took a little break from writing Midnight’s Wings just to get settled in to my new school year and all of the changes that have come with it, but I’m going to start up again and hopefully make some serious progress before midterms strike.

This castle is similar to one in my short story! And if you recognize it, it gives you a hint as to what my story is about…

I would say I took a break from writing in general, but that’s not precisely true since I spent the vast majority of the weekend before this writing a short story that’s technically a novelette but hardly anyone has heard that term. Ahem. I completed the rough draft in five days, which is a new record for me. The first draft of Shadow of Memory was around the same length, and writing that took me two weeks! Ah the difference three years can make…

There are a few things about this story that’s different, like the length. And the genre isn’t the same as my usual stuff, though it’s still a type of fantasy. It’s also my first story with a specific soundtrack, and it has a really amazing theme song. But it’s definitely a good different in many ways, and I had SO MUCH FUN writing it! Seriously. It’s short (for me at least) and sweet and dramatic and…so much fun. And it was like a detox of sorts: barring necessary homework, it was all I did that weekend, and I regret nothing. It was a powerful reminder of how much fun the actual writing can be, how it feels to be typing as fast as my fingers can move because it is all there. There was no writer’s block or anything…I could’ve written through the night (not really, but that’s because I’m a morning person who is totally zombified the day after a late night.)

The point to all this is that now I’m really ready to start back up on Midnight’s Wings. I’m refreshed and energized, and I’m ready to take on the challenges of this story! It also means I have a fun new story to share with everybody! I don’t know exactly when I’ll publish this new story, since it’s still in the editing stage, but hopefully it’ll be soon. In the meantime, I won’t say anything specific about it because I don’t want to spoil it.

Alright…so that’s my life right now. I hope you all are having an awesome end of summer! I, for one, cannot wait for fall, but that’s a subject for another post…

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