Welp. Summer is here. I’m already missing the cold wind I was griping about a few months ago. 😉 I get impatient for spring time, but when the 100 degree days come I dearly miss the snow. But at least there are cold creeks and swimming! And lots of books to read in the air conditioned house! No matter the weather, there are always excuses to curl up and read a book…

I’m nearly finished with Frosted Fire, but I’m not there quite yet. I would be done and on to editing by now, but the story keeps getting longer! There’s so much more that needs to be told, and I don’t want to cut the story short. Or maybe it’s merely my horrible estimation skills at fault… Ahem. Either way, Frosted Fire is by far my longest book yet, and it’s probably going to be even longer when I’m done editing. The good news is more story for you guys to read (always a good thing!) The bad news is that it means I’m going to have to push out my estimated publication date to midsummer. I would try to be more specific, but we’ve already seen that it’s probably not a good idea. 😛

Image result for waiting for books to come out meme

I’m going to post this so I can get back to writing, but I’ll give more updates as they come. Hopefully by my next post I will have finally finished the rough draft.

Stay cool, my friends!