Hello Everybody!

I’m getting really close to finishing the rough draft for Frosted Fire, and I am super excited to get to the editing phase! This is going to be my longest book so far (it’s already two thousand words longer than Dragon’s Flight and I still have more to write) To get your curiosity aroused, I’m going to give you another excerpt from Frosted Fire. It’s unedited, so please forgive any mistakes you find. Hope you enjoy!

“Please don’t,” Glafira whispered.
“Don’t what?” When she didn’t answer, Ald tilted his head and inched closer. “I’d be most glad if you proved my suspicions wrong, but to do that you’ll have to answer my questions.”
He already knew. He knew what she was, that’s why he’d come to find her. Glafira didn’t know a way to convince him he was wrong, and she didn’t think for a second that begging would get her anywhere. What could she do?
“I can’t,” Glafira said.
“Why not?” Ald furrowed his brows, his gaze still on her face.
Because you’re right, she silently screamed. Glafira concentrated on the cold stone beneath her palms, and realized with horror that ice was leaking out of her and on to the tower. She felt the frost begin to spread, but not yet where Ald could see.
“I just can’t,” she said, her voice thick with desperation. She couldn’t move, or he would see the tell-tale frost. Glafira tried to stop the flow of cold, tried to keep her ice inside her, but her raw emotions were making it volatile and nearly impossible to hold back.
The hunter slipped a hand behind his back. “Answer the question, Glafira.”
Tears started spilling over and running down her face. She didn’t want this to be happening. She didn’t want this to be her. Victorin, please save me. She couldn’t hold the ice in anymore, and when she finally gave in Glafira coated the tower wall with swirling ice stretching across eight feet to either side. Ald stumbled back, shock lighting up his features.

That’s it for now! I’ll let you know when I finish the rough draft, either here or on my Facebook page. Hope you’re all having a great summer so far!