I’m home! Finals are over, freshman year of college is completed, and I am back in New Mexico! Now I can sit back and relax…just kidding! Now I can focus on finishing Frosted Fire! I’m super close to finishing the rough draft, and now that I don’t have tests to study for I can give it my full concentration and brain power. (Which was suffering from so much studying, but I’m getting better 😉 )

So last post I showed you one of my bad poems and now I’m going to show a few of my better poems. These were also assignments for my Creative Writing class, but these I actually edited and included in my final project. Here’s the first, and if you want to read more here’s a link to a PDF that has them: Poetry



I sit now in civilization, listening:

Wind drives itself through cracks in the wall,

Screaming and calling for something long lost.

Cars pass on the streets,

Screeching sirens rising above the constant snore of traffic.

The unceasing cacophony of people

Yelling outside at 3am, in terror or joy I don’t know,

Mixing with the honks of territorial geese

And dull thumps on carpet as my roommate walks to the kitchen.

A discordant chorus people have learned to drown out,

But which I cannot.


But in my mountains another song plays:

With the constant hush of wind through the ponderosas,

A soft song that soothes all who listen.

Scolding jays defend their leafy domain.

The river adding deep bass to the wind’s lullaby,

As the rushing water beats against stone.

At night the only sound is the crickets,

Singing “all is silent, all is well” in their violin-tunes

To the soul-reaching resonance of far-off thunder.

A symphony of nature singing for all who listen:

A song I never tire of.

Blessed silence… I’m so grateful to be back in my mountains with the crickets and no traffic. Hope everyone has a great week!