Hello hello!

As I type this post I am listening to the wind bash against the building and howl like it’s some tormented ghost bent on revenge. Maybe someone stole his books? Or his coffee, that would be revenge-worthy too. Anyway, it’s creepy and cold. Now, anyone reading my blog thus far would probably assume that I despise cold. That’s not true…come summer I’ll be reminiscing about the delightfully cold wind and snowstorms. But right now I’m ready for spring, especially since the last few days have been warm and sunny and wonderful. Alas, Mr. Wind has come and brought back his friend, Winter.

I wonder what the wind would sound like in there…

Okay, enough about my weather woes: on to book business. It looks like a bunch of you downloaded Stone Heart while it was free, so that’s awesome. I hope you all enjoy it! I’ll be doing more promotions similar to this one for special events and holidays, so watch out for them and tell your friends!

That brings me to my next item of business: reviews. Book reviews are really important, especially for self-published authors; the more reviews we have on Amazon the easier it is for people to find our books. Plus, reviews are really helpful for potential readers when they’re deciding what books to buy: there are a lot of books that I’ve turned away from because of Amazon reviews, and there are a lot of books I’ve tried because of reviews and have absolutely loved! So, for anyone who has read one or more of my books, I would really appreciate it if you left an honest review of them on Amazon or Goodreads. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, but it can be if you want it to. To give you a little incentive, I’m going to set up a deal: whenever one of my books gets twenty reviews on Amazon, I’ll release a related short story here on my website!

I better get back to homework (and Fire and Ice!) I hope you all have a wonderful week. Now get to writing those reviews! 😉